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Benjamin T Moore III, serves as the Sr. Visionary of Empowered Life Network (formerly Empowerment Centre) founded in 2009.

Affectionately known as BT3, the grandson of the late Bishop Benjamin T. Moore, Sr. D.D. (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.), this 4th generation Pastor is grounded with strong foundational roots that anchor his ability to transform lives.  BT3 has ministered to hundreds with his dynamic and insightful teaching.  He has an anointing to break down hindrances to total restoration and health. His exhortation is igniting; his prolific preaching is reviving; the intensity of the prophetic utterance is enlightening; and his wisdom “fathers and mentors" the body of Christ into theirKingdom Assignments.
Founder of Advance Ministry Institute, BT3 began operating in his God-given ability to identify, navigate, and set vision and direction; while cultivating, equipping, training, and imparting to the followers of Jesus to advance the Kingdom of God through ministry. 
Benjamin T Moore III is a major placeholder of regional change and transformation for the whole state of Indiana and beyond. 

Benjamin T Moore III  received his education at Indiana University -Purdue University at Indianapolis, Aenon Bible College (Indiana), and Wheaton College (Illinois).  Pillsbury College and Seminary and Harvard-X . Currently he resides in Indianapolis with his wonderful wife Prophetess Lisa Michelle, and sons Christopher and Issac.


Lisa Michelle Moore serves as Senior Leadership and Prophetess of Empowerment Centre.Prophetess and Apostle Moore currently have two sons named Christopher and Isaac. Christopher  enjoys math, riding his bike, taking walks and video games. Isaac, the newest edition of the family, enjoys being an infant right now. 
The Lord first called Prophetess Moore during her second year in college by way of a loud but soft audible voice Jan of 1999.  She responded to His voice with a yes and have been saying yes to Him ever since. 
Prior to the call,  Prophetess Moore had a desire to dance for  R & B music videos.  She didn't know who God was nor did she have the wherewithal to learn about Him.
Prophetess Moore started attending church services regularly and joined a danced ministry where she was exposed to a deeper understanding of the Five Fold Offices, intercession, deliverance and Kingdom Principles. 
Prophetess Moore received her B.S.  degree from IUPUI.  She is planning to complete her MBA with a specialization in Non-profit management.  She currently holds the position of Assistant Principal at a Catholic School.
On December 12, 1999, she received the Holy Spirit.  The Lord has called her to be a Prophet which includes unconventional ministry within and outside the city of Indianapolis.   
Prophetess Moore is the founder and leader of Choose Joy International, a successful and growing ministry dedicated to bringing the Kingdom of God  to women in the adult entertainment & sex trafficking industry.
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