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Advance Ministry Institute


The purpose of AMI is to provide current, ground-breaking & revolutionary tools for the purposes of advancing individuals & ministries in the Kingdom of God.


AMI offers opportunities to individuals and ministries desiring to:​
- Find their purpose or "fit, function & flow"
-Prepare for ministry in their call/office
-Develop/Grow/Learn in the Prophetic Anointing
-Develop/Grow/Learn in the Apostolic Anointing
-Operate in the Apostolic Model of Leadership v. Pastor Model of Leadership
-Receive leadership training (assemblies/individuals)
-Receive mentorship (including counseling)
-Youth Mentoring
Advance Ministry Institute
Held 1 session per calendar year designed for those desiring ordination and to find their "Fit, Function & Flow" for the Kingdom of God. AMI is comprised of two schools including BT3 School of Ministry and Marketplace Ministry Academy. Upon completion students are eligible for degrees, licensure and/or ordination. Please visit for more details.
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